Build me a gaming rig for around $1000

So, I have been looking into building my own gaming rig and I am not a pro at this what so ever. In this thread I am wondering if anyone out there could possibly put a list of components to put together with the price adding up to generally around or lower than $1000 (or find an easy website to buy/customize one there). I would need help finding the biggest bang for my buck in a preferably small/portable gaming rig that has the power for games such as BF3, and Arma 2 with the dayz mod installed. If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.
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  1. I'll build exactly the same than Noob12, you can still change some parts like (i prefer NVIDIA for Physx and bordelands 2) so a 670 right here and maybe a 3770k if you plan rendering video, audio or compress data regulary, if not stay with the 3570k

    I would also add a 128gb SSD for my windows partition to get fastest possible performance as you says that you have a 1000$ budget and these parts only come to 712$
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