First off let me start with saying sorry for all of the posts on this account, multiple people have access to this account but I am the person who created it.

Budget - $1000-1200


My build that I will be purchasing in about a months time!

Let me just say this so I don't get scolded. I chose the i7 and the 16gb ram because I use Sony vegans, Cinema 4d, Adobe After effects and Photoshop. All of them being CPU and Ram intensive.

I think the CPU Cooler will be sufficent because I don't plan on pushing my CPU to it's limits. The 400r I chose because it has great cable management options and has great air flow possibilities. I figured 600 watts should be suffice. The motherboard has good reviews so I chose it, and finally the 7950 I believe will play all the games I need on ultra with many fraps above the "Playable" range.

Any ways let me know what you think of my build.
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  1. Some changes, get a dual channel kit of 16GB, the MSI TF is better, the gigabyte card has been reported with voltage being locked, the asus LK is way cheaper and as good as the asrock, the xfx 650w is a better psu.
  2. I'm not sure how much you are doing with Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere, but you may be better off with an nVidia card. Adobe has much better support for CUDA than it does for OpenCL.. although they are closing that gap with each new CS package.


    Otherwise the build looks awesome, and should handle everything you throw at it. You could even overclock a bit with that cooler. I have a Hyper 212 and my i5-2500k runs at 4.3Ghz no problem.
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