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As it stands this is my current setup:

Msi 990FXA-GD65 mobo

AMD Phenom II x4 945 AM3 Processor stock rated 3.0ghz...while im overclocked stable at 3.7ghz currently With H80 Corsair liquid cooling setup

Patriot DDR3 1333 (10666) 2x4gb ram....total of 8gb

EVGA GTX 550 TI Graphics Card 1gb ddr5 vram

Western Digital 250gb 7200rpm HDD with Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit Only installed
Seagate Barrcuda 1tb 7200rpm HDD for storage

CoolerMaster 650GX power supply

Rosewill Challenger Case with all Aerocool Aeroshark 120mm fans which when counted total of 6 fans so far but can add 3 more if i wantted to

As for Temps my cpu rarely gets over 35C and my graphic card around 65C-70C range while under load.

Right now i feel like im not getting enough fps in games but i do realize my graphics card is still on the Entry-Level stage....but when i play WoW on Ultra settings i feel like my setup shouldnt have the random video lag (even tho server latency could be a factor as well i think) but i do also play games like COD:MW3/BO2 and BF3:Premium and various others. I don't know if my current setup has any terrible "Bottlenecking" going on but i thought i'd ask in here.
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  1. The best thing to do is turn down your graphics settings to low or medium until you can upgrade your CPU/GPU
  2. With my graphics on high on games i dont have much lag or anything that i notice., but on ultra it lags sometimes and with wow it depends on different areas im at.

    Well any suggestions on what to aim for in CPU area? Ive been looking at different comparsion guides and i think if i were to upgrade that at this point i would like the best one out. I thought of getting into fx series quad-core, but i see alot of people are into the 1100t ?? if im correct on the series.... six-core processor.... I do know AMD is not the best out there but its what i prefer and im not gonna just trash a new motherboard just to swap to intel.... i also been reading that 8-cores are just a plain waste of money. So any suggestions on a new best of the bunch AMD CPU let me know....

    As for GPU theres so many to choose from and again i realize i have a entry leveling card, but to drop $1000 on a gtx690 is little price, would a higher GTX 500 series towards the 580 mark be worth the money or just going with entry 600 series since they are within a normal budget now? Also does focusing on 1gb ddr5 vs 2gb or 3gb or more ddr5 vram matter at all? I only plan on using 1 monitor with this build and as it stands now its a cheap dell 18" monitor with resolution at 1440X900 (recommended) which ive been debateing to drop down to 1280X800 for a slight possible performance gain on my 550 ti in games.

    And With these upgrades im prolly going to look into a higher output psu i would imagine....unless the 650 is fine for now? i just dont want any super bottlenecking to occur.
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