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MSI TF4 7870 vs. MSI TF3 660

MSI HD 7870 Advantages - Twin Frozr 4

MSI GTX 660 Advantages - Performs Better, Costs Less, Adaptive Vsync
MSI GTX 660 Disadvantages - Twin Frozr 3

So is the Twin Frozr 4 worth all the other advantages?
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    the gtx660 does not perform better. they are about on par, with the 660 better at some games, and the 7870 better at others. look at benchmarks of the games you plan to play and see which card is faster for those games. you also get physx with the 660. adaptive vsync is crap. twin frozr 4 or 3 doesnt matter both perform well enough on the respective cards. the power consumption of the 660 is also slightly lower.
  2. Im sort of a perfectionist so if I'm making a build, I wouldn't want screen tearing. The 660 performs fractions of a frame higher than the 7870 in Bf3 (Main game I play). I'm going to go with the 660
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