HTPC AMD A10-5800k build

Hello all,

At the moment I have an old C2Duo E6570, running with a HD2600xt in a silverstone LC16M case serving as an HTPC.

Since day dot it has been primarily for home theatre use with casual gaming at times. As it is now aging a little :) for the gaming side im looking for an upgrade.

I do mean casual gaming, i enjoy a broad spectrum but am not concerned with massive FPS and 1080p gaming. So will the hardware below give me a solid HTPC setup and a little extra, or am i barking up the wrong tree?

AMD A series A10-5800K
Kingston HyperX Genesis DDR3 - 1866 MHz 8GB
SilverStone Strider Series ST40F-ES PSU

I have HDD, optical dive and case, but also a little unsure on Windows 7 or 8 :whistle:

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  1. Sounds reasonable given your intro. If you're comfortable with 7, stick with it.
  2. i would say windows 8 as windows 8 is more for entertainment and a joke
  3. You have to pay extra for media centre on 8 (useful if using a TV card).

    I'd probably go for 7.
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