Will the 7870 be able to handle these games

Ok I have two computers both for gaming. I built the first computer as a main gaming computer but the computer started to get crapped up with older games so I built another budget computer. The second one would be for just older games. So I just got a video card for this computer a 7870. What I wanted to know is do you thing this video card will be able to handle older games like BF2, Bad Company 2, COD 4, COD Modern Weapons 2 and COD World at War at the very least on high settings at 1920X1080.
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  1. Of course, yes, all of those. Except Bad Company 2 might be iffy... but I think you'd be able to play it on ultra no prob just maybe not at 60fps solid.
  2. The game settings don't have to be set at ultra. All I want is playable frame rates at atleast high settings. Like I said this is a budget computer and probably won't be used on multi player more just for fun. If I can get 60 fps at that res with the settings at high I'll be happy.
  3. Well all of those games you could for sure max out and hold 60. BC2 will for sure be fine on high settings, the 7870 also overclocks like a boss from what I've heard so you might even be able to play it at ultra idk.
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