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I've had my current computer for the last 5 years with no trouble that I couldn't fix myself. Recently my computer has started to restart on it's own for no reason. Now and then I've gotten a blue screen and even a couple of days ago my computer gave me a screen that looked like:


After I got that screen I had to restart and run system repair because my computer would not start up. I got it working again but now it is restarting at random times and very inconsistently. I've been able to post this without a restart but I can kind of set up circumstances that will trigger a restart in possibly a couple of minutes. I am pretty sure this is hardware related but I can't be to sure. I know it's not heat related as I have been monitoring my computer heat to make sure but I have been doing a lot of hardcore graphics rendering and I've wondered if that has possibly worn out any hardware. Is there anyway I can figure out what hardware might be messed up without having to buy and replace parts? I don't really have much of a budget to fix my computer so if I can know what I need to replace before I replace anything then that would be good.

Thanks for any feedback.

Also is there any information I should post about my computer that might help others help me better?

I know I should at least include my specs:
• Windows 7 64-bit
• 400w Power Supply
• AMD Phenom 9500 Quad-Core ~2.2Ghz
• 8192MB Ram
• ATI Radeon HD 5770
• 600GB Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive
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  1. Check your GPU or PSU.

    If your MB has the on-board GPU, try to use it first because you don't list it. And try other PSU.
  2. cin19 said:
    Check your GPU or PSU.

    If your MB has the on-board GPU, try to use it first because you don't list it. And try other PSU.

    Is there anyway to test the power supply without trying a different one?

    My on board chipset is an ATI Radeon HD 3200. I'll test using it for a while and see if there are any errors. Should I take out my graphics card while testing it out?
  3. Either go to the BIOS disable it or take it out, and use the HD3200 only.
  4. So it seems to run fine with the onboard cpu. I haven't had any issues so far and I've run it all day. I'll keep running it this way and see. Is there a possibility that with the graphics card in it is not getting enough power? Is there anything else I could be checking also?
  5. That is right. I don't know what effiency of your PSU, if the PSU is the 80 plus then it can power the whole system. That is why I let you check the GPU or PSU.

    Buy the good brand 80 plus PSU like Corsair, Antec, XFX, SeaSonic ( more expensive), some of OCZ ModXStream in your area.
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