Lower FPS in all games over time

So for some reason I have been noticing a general FPS drop in all games that I own, games that used to run smoothly. Some examples are :
Crysis 2 - Used to get 60+ fps, now I get 40.
Battlefield 3 - Used to get 40 - 60, Now I get 30 - 40.
GTA 4 - Used to get 40 - 60, Now I get 20 - 40.
Basically in all games i have seen an FPS drop one way or another.

And these are all with the same specs and the same graphical settings. My friend says it could be windows, I have not re-installed windows for the duration of having this homebuilt system. (Which is roughly two years). He says windows gets slower over time, causing my FPS to lower over time.

I have tried defragging but this did not improve FPS (As expected). I have tried re-installing graphics drivers. Is re-installing windows the fix for this problem?

Specs are :
AMD Phenom ii x4 840 (not overclocked)
XFX 6850
750W PSU
1TB hard drive and one 500GB hard drive
ASUS M4N68T-M LE V2 Motherboard

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  1. A windows reinstall would be good, esp. if you have not done for 2 years. I ussually do every 6 months. Make sure you back up your files on some external storage (I use a USB External HDD 500GB). Also If you have not done before, a good clean out could be good. As a system ages, it gathers dust. This dust causes it to heat up faster. When the PC heats up it runs slower in order to generate less heat, so it doesn't over heat and damage itself. I cleaned out my parents old Dell Dimension 8300 and reinstalled windows and know it runs a lot faster. Make sure you are using Windows 7 if you can, it is faster/better than XP and Vista, and is better suited to a normal PC than windows 8.
  2. Thank you :) Temperatures while running demanding games are in the safe zones, and never rise above 60. But my PC is due for a bit of a clean out. Thanks!
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