hi i just built my own computer and when i plug my speakers into the computer all i get is static and they work if i plug them into my phone, also when i plug in headphones to the computer i get static and the sound that is playing could someone please help me fix this problem.

mistry7777 :sol:
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  1. This is a very typical issue. I've almost completely given up on on board sound. If this is a self built machine you can return the motherboard, if its an OEM you could return the whole thing. However, if it is out of warranty I'd suggest a dedicated sound card or get a set of USB headphones. I've seen this issue crop of after power supply fails and was replaced. I think it is just very sensitive to clean power. It could be your motherboard or a cheap power supply. My suggestion is a dedicated card if you want the easiest fix or USB headphones. Although USB headphones would not fix external speakers.
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