XFX HD RADEON 7850 Core Edition, Help

Hello, Recently i purshased this video card and i get black screen after updating Drivers from CD that came in Box, Starts fine, and after it loads Operating System it goes black, and never recover, unless i reinstall windows 7, other times it was a crash after Windows Update.
I even Tried W8, same error.

FXA 990 UD3
8gb Corsair Vengeance 1600 mhz
XFX HD 7850
500W Coolermaster
1TB Green WD

Whats wrong?
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  1. What drivers are you updating to?

    Did you have the system up and running before you put in that card, and it's only since the card was put in that it was doing that?
  2. Already checked with XFX, and it was a defective card. Thanks.
    And yes, system was up and running.
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