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Someone gave me a old Compaq Pentium 133 computer with a 1gb drive. I wanted to set it up to go on the internet at my store and nothing else. It had Win 95 and I wanted to put Win 98 on it and start with a fresh hard drive. I put a Windows 98 boot disk and started fdisk c: It's been a while since I did this so I don't remember everything I did but since I found this forum, I thought about putting up my problem. I started up the computer and it says error, I must run "Configuration Utility". I also get a keyboard error now since I wiped off the disk even though the keyboard keys work. I want to install Win 98 and I don't know what to do next. I put a Win 98 boot disk in and I get this "Configuration Utility" note. I thought about putting the hard drive in one of my clone computers but it's a SCSI drive and all my computers use EIDE/IDE drives.
Help, suggestions?
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  1. does the scsi have a a imbedded array controller ? watch when computer boots it should say right after it looks for scsi it should say multi configurator ,if so you need to use it first the delete the array even if it is set to zerro. boot to bios/cmos f10 set defaults and try again
  2. YOur computer did not come with normall BIOS, but instead, with the settup files installed on the original drive on a separate 4MB partition. You can also run settup from a floppy, download that from Compaq. It's called "F10 Setup" because, if the partition was on your hard drive, you would hit "F10" to access it.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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