HD4000,3000,2000 or without!!!


Planning to buy a CPU 2hand.
I have the HD6990 right now and I was wondering if I should wait for a processor who has HD4000 or HD3000 Graphics.
Does the Lucid Virtu MVP software make so much difference with a HD4000?
Maybe can somwane tell me how much it will make a difference in FPS if you play BF3 Maxed Out with the processor graphics or without.(like this)


Thanks(sorry for my english)
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  1. with a 6990 i wouldnt think it would make all that much difference the most frames to be had with that would come in the form of decent drivers from amd for good crossfire scaling
  2. I saw benches of lucid before and in many case it makes in slow and when it does benefit it's barely worth it.

    Get the i5 3570k
  3. virtumvp does not improve performance. It has a new type of vsync and is supposed to help to make your game feel smoother. I tried it and in games I needed to use an fps limiter, skyrim and metro 2033, it worked fine. In most games it made it feel like I was getting 25 fps when fraps said 130. My suggestion is don't use it. Maybe with Hawsell Lucid will iron out the remaining bugs and it will be worth using, but not now.
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