Does this CPU include a cooling fan?

Does anyone know if this comes with a cooling fan for the CPU, did not state in the listing but I assume it would?

AMD FX-6300 FX-Series Six-Core Processor Edition, Black AM3 FD6300WMHKBOX

I already ordered it but if I need to order a fan for the CPU I would like to do some now so I do not have to wait to build my config since all my parts are set to ship monday. I hope it would include a fan since I do not want to apply thermal paste, I like it already applied to make me feel safer, as this is my first build.

Thank you for you time!
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  1. The picture shows a retail box and the price reflex it also so a cpu cooler is included. OEM versions cpu do not come with coolers.
  2. Excellent thank you for the help. Sorry for the noob question this is my first build. I have decent knowledge of computer hardware but never built my own. I just wanted to be sure it would have the CPU fan that way I dont have all my hardware here and find out I still need a fan lol.

    I will be needing WiFi for my desktop build as well, since my build does not include a wifi card (I assume nothing I got would include an internal wifi card) I will be needing a Wifi adapter to connect to the internet. I do a lot of online gaming. Does anyone have a good wifi adapter they can reccomend for lag free internet gaming?
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