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Is it possible to Run game on one Display and work on another Display?

Is it possible to Run game on one Display and work on another Display?

Those days i used to put a movie in one Display and work on other Display. My question is can we game like that? Will games support? Is it possible to pause the game and move the mouse to other Display. I will be working on display using RDP. When ever i get mail i have to start work. :D after work done i will continue gaming.
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  1. yes it is a lot of people do that. make sure you have enough ram to be able to do this. you may have to hit the windows key to get it to kick out of full screen/windowed mode to use the other screen tho
  2. I have 8GB Ram. Core i5-3570k. GTX 660, can handle battle field running on 1080p and working on 1280x1024?
  3. you are all good then. how do you like your 660? i returned mine to just buy another 550 for sli. bf3 plays much better now. add me in origin 06yfz450ridr
  4. Yes its easy to do. I run 4 monitors. I often will have live tv on one screen, video playing on another, system monitoring utilities on the 3rd while gaming on the 4th. You will have to alt+tab out of the game when you want to do anything on the other screens but most games support this just fine. I have encountered a few games that dont like having full screen video playing on another screen while the game is running and pauses the video, but this is rare.
  5. The short answer is Yes. The long answer is mostly yes, all games support alt tabbing, obviously (so you would be watching for emails on the other monitor, and minimizing the game to respond).

    The holy-grail for multi-monitor support in games is a setting called "Windowed-no-border" or "Full Screen Window", where the game essentially creates a full screen window without standard windows borders. Depending on the game, you can freely leave the game with your mouse, or alt tab from the game without it being minimized. This way, you don't have issues from minimizing and restoring the game, and you will still see the game window while responding to email (unless you move a window over it).

    Support for this option is becoming more common in games as multimonitor becomes more common, and it's especially common in multiplayer games.
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    Absolutely. Your rig will be able to handle it easily. By default, your game will run on your Primary screen (in full screen mode) while your secondary screen will show its desktop equivalent. You'll simply have to "Alt-Tab" to get your mouse/keyboard working in the desktop environment (if you want the game to stay open). Then simply alt-tab back in the game. (That's how I do it).

    Just so you know, there are setups that will allow you to play in your secondary desktop while in game but that requires a switch box and/or a second mouse (unless you're using gamepad where your mouse would become secondary)...but that gets expensive and is only worth it if you really need to do both at the same time.
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