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Hello Everyone,
I have a vexing problem with my Dellienware desktop. I can describe the situation like this. I shut down my pc at night.
When I come back in the morning it will not start up, no response, maybe a light or two on inside the case, one by the HDs.
So I unplug everything. All the cables, USB, power cord, etc. I wait a few minutes, plug the power cord back in and wham, it starts right up. Any ideas as to what the problem is would be greatly appreciated. It works fine otherwise. I know just enough about computers to know that it shouldn't be doing this. There is something wrong in there I just don't know how to pinpoint it. The GPU works fine, it lights up, the PSU is obviously providing power, the switch works, I am at a complete loss. The local pc fix places cant seem to find anything wrong with it.
Thanks for any help
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  1. The PSU was supposed to be brand new, but it is always possible that it was a lemon to begin with. The shop that put it in said they ordered it from Dell, so who knows maybe it wasn't new? I do know that it is the kind that works with the aurora case. The original PSU that came with this desktop shorted out earlier.
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    Definitely sounds like a PSU issue. And unfortunately Alienwares use a proprietary PSU, which has some special lead wires for the lights and other Alienware special perks/apps so you cant just order a Corsair unit from Newegg. They are also pricey for what you get.

    You can find them though, so I would start there - try getting one of the 875 watt Alienware units and replacing it. I'm about 99% sure this will fix your problem. Take your time and you can replace it yourself.

    I would of course first double check all of the connections from the PSU if you had it installed by some repairman. He could have left something unplugged, or not completely plugged something in.
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