Suggest me a graphics card for "Compaq Presario CQ3150IX desktop PC"

I have a computer from compaq namely "Compaq Presario CQ3150IX desktop PC" which i bought a couple of years ago, Since its graphics doesn't support high graphics demanding games, so i intend to buy a graphics card for my PC. so i request you to suggest me the graphics card that would be compatible with my model. please suggest an accurate graphics card, so that i don't face any compatibility issues in the future.
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  1. well you have not mentioned what kind of power supply your pc has. the faster the graphics cards the more power they draw so you need to have a power supply that can support additional voltage with the new video card
    i would recommend amd 7750 as it does not require additional power connects to work
  2. the power supply is 180W, so please suggest me a graphics card that would compatible with such PSU and further support high graphics demanding games like COD black ops, max payne 3 etc
  3. No 180 watt unit will be able to support a discrete graphics card. If you want to upgrade the graphics card, you'll have to upgrade the power supply unit as well

    What is your budget for the upgrades?
  4. yup 180 watts is too low. the best you can do is the amd radeon hd 6450
  5. I wouldn't suggest hd 6450. It might make the PSU explode (and I'm not exaggerating!).
  6. the above people are right you know a 180 watt PSU is lowest watt-ed PSU on the planet.
    first of all go get a new PSU a 430W maybe and go for the 7750 if you cant afford that go 6670 i personally use it and its a good card

  7. i hv same specs as urs
    can i go for 7750
    after upgrading my psu
  8. GT 610 gives smooth performance in low budget
    it needs at least 300W supply i would recommend upgrading you PSU to 350W
    and then go for it
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