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Hi everyone,

I just got a new mb a msi z68a-gd55 coz my old one died. I'm having issues with the graphics card. the system isn't recognising the card. i have 2 and tried both and no go. I have read about disabling the intergrated graphics. What I want to know is, if you disable the intergrated graphics and try the pcie slot and it doesn't work, will the monitor be black? will i be able to see anything ?? please help??

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  1. have you went to bios and set video from integrated to pcie? make sure you have everything connected correctly...the fan on the dedicated graphics is spinning when powered on
  2. Hi,

    I couldnt find anywhere in bios to change from intergrated to pcie. I tried disabling the intergrated graphics in device manager but that didnt work either.

    is there somewhere in bios of this system to change to pcie??

    oh yeah when i connect the gfx card and dont connect the power cable to it. the system runs as normal and fan on gfx card spins anyway. when i do connect the power cable to the gfx card, windows wont load (well i dont know coz the monitor stays black) and thats with the monitor cable still attached to the intergrated port and also the gfx cards port. either way same thing happens.
  3. Well I sucked it up and took one of the gfx cards to a computer store to test it to see if it would get recognised, cost me 10 bucks and got the answer i suspected but hoped not for, a "your card not working" and so seeing both cards are doing the same thing, i didnt even bother testing the other one.
    so now i've upgraded from hd 6770 xfired to now the 7770 xfired. I put one of the cards in and nearly had a heart attack cos the computer switched off again and started up just like the other cards and i thought hell its not the cards, but this time the screen came on...YAY!!!!!!!!!! so i just installed the drivers for it and she's looking sweet, thank god so now its time to pop the other card in. fingers crossed x
    for thos of you that think hd7770 xfired is a wasted of money (maybe maybenot) check out this site and the test restults. VERY INTERESTING
  4. admin you may close this thread as the answer has been found and I don't know how to if I am suppose to do it.

    thanks and happy new year
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