Asus HD7770: GPU Tweak conflict with LucidLogic Virtu MVP?


After I installed GPU Tweak utility, the LucidLogic Virtu MVP displays the following error:

"Wrong GPU confguration. Please check your hardware/drivers. Disabling Virtu MVP and exiting."

I installed the latest drivers for:GPU Tweak, Virtu MVP, and HD7770.

My monitor is connected to the HD7770 graphic card.

In the BIOS settings, the Peripherals > Init Display First is set to AUTO.

NOTE: When I uninstall GPU Tweak, the Virtu MVP works fine.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. I forgot to ask:

    Will my system run optimally if I remove GPU Tweak utility? I do not intend to overclock my GPU too often anyways.
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