7850 or 7870 under 800$

Im building a computer and I was wondering if I should go with the Radeon 7850 or the 7870 I know the 7870 is better but how much better for 50 bucks? Im also trying to keep the build under or around 800$ Right now i have and Intel i5 3570k a Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO Cooler
,ASRock z77 Extreme 4, Rosewill Blackhawk, 8 gigs ram, a 1 TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive and an Apevia 680W PSU and right now the total is 580$
if anyone could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it

This is going to be primarily for gaming btw
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  1. change out the power supply as I don't trust Apevia brand lol. you should get a 500-550w power supply
    you can overclock the 7850 to 7870 speeds. there is 5-10fps difference in benchmarks which is not a lot
  2. I know Apevia isnt really a trusted brand but i need a PSU that can run all the fans in my case and also its blue which would look really nice in my case for a relatively low price
  3. you could always get some led fans or led tubes they're only like £2 each the last time i looked. Alvines right your probably better getting a better make because its proven with the cheap psu's they may say 680 watts but they dont pump that power out they tend to pump out a lot less. I reckon a ocz cxs 500w would be good enough. Or if you can find it, artic cooling 750w, personally the best budget psu had it for a year and a half and now my mate uses it for his 6970 and has had it for over a year.
  4. Yea don't cheap out on the PSU, I was going to recommend the 7870 as the overclocking argument applies to it as well, but if you are forced to get a budget PSU might as well get the 7850 and spend the extra money on a better Power supply.

    Fan power consumption is negligible and LED's are cheap
  5. A good PSU will last you many builds. Worth the investment.
  6. yeh as said don't get a crappy psu as the chances are it won't give you the amount of wattage advertised
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