My new motherboard and cpu just came in !?!

ok guys so my new motherboard n cpu just came in!

fatal1ty 990fx
amd 8350fx

i am now waiting on tower and power supply BUT i am really eager to get it started..can i use an old 550w power supply to get started <yes i know i need hdd mem. and dvd drive..i have those> and was also wanting to know if i can plop in my old PC harddrive that has a OEM windows 7 os on it along with all my other stuff i have saved...if i did this will it update all the BIO files correctly FROM THE NEW MOTHERBOARD? or would i be better off just going out and droping 100bones at bestbuy for a fresh OEM win.7? :heink:
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  1. you may not have to buy another copy of windows 7. i would call microsoft up and tell them your old mb dies and was replaced with this new one. most times they give you a new activation number. you wont be able to use oem number on both pc. if your going to use the drive and some parts from the old pc and make a new rig...why not call ms up all they can say is no.
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