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560 ti SLI question

Quick question. I have an MSI 560 Ti 2GB/OC. Was wondering if I wanted to run SLI with this card, could I get an EVGA 560 Ti (or any other manufacturer)? Or can I get the 448-bit MSI 560 Ti card and SLI with that? I know that you need the same GPU and I'm pretty sure they all use the same GPU but with different settings on them and some have different VRAM (which I know you cannot add the two VRAMs together to get, say, 4GB of VRAM). I don't have the cash to just buy a GTX 670/680 so it's not really an option. I've only had mine for about 9 months.

Any tips are appreciated.
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  1. Unfortunately you cannot use the 448 core to SLi with your current card, there was talk of a hack to allow it but I don't know how well that was ever tested.
  2. What about cards from other manufacturers?
  3. You should be OK using a 2GB from a different manufacturer, I would avoid the 3GB cards though if I were you.
  4. Same goes for mixing a 2GB card with a 1GB card I assume?
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    Yes, that would be even more pointless as even if it worked you would just be gimping your existing 2GB card.
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