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How does the geforce gtx 650 perform in games

i want to get aa 650 or a 660 but can the 650 run games on good quality like COD AND BF3 at descent fps 25+
?can the 660?
will this and a i5 3570k be good for gaming
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  1. The 650 for 1080p is not recommended for BF3, the 660 gtx, yes you can have more than ~40 fps @1080p ultra.
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    I have an i7 2600 Quad 3.4Ghz and an GTX 660 and I get 60+ FPS all the time in BF3 at Ultra settings 1920x1080 (High AA Post and NO MSAA). If something crazy happens, "sometimes" I dip dow to 50ish.

    Since you said 650 and not 650ti. 650 isnt all that great with demanding games at 1080p. I know my old 550ti struggled with some games.

    Through a few benchmarking sites, the i5 3570k is a great CPU. You should be fine there. BF3's recommended is a Core 2 Quad Q6400 2.13GHz

    I say spend the extra cash and get a 660. =D
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