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GTX 650 Ti vs Radeon HD 7850

I am trying to buy a new graphics card budget is $200 and these two cards are looking the best. However one has a higher memory bit and the other has higher GPU clock speed. Which is better and why?

GTX 650 Ti

Radeon HD 7850

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  1. HD 7850
  2. Why is the 7850 better in your opinion?
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    check out the chart,2976.html

    basically 7850 looks to be about 20 to 30% faster then the 650TI depending on model of 650
  4. 7850 is better. Fact. No opinion there. It's just a better card.
  5. thats a no brainer 7850 is faster anyday of the week compared to the 650ti, :)
  6. Thanks for all the help guys. Made my decision a no brainer.
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  8. no problem :)
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