Final 1500 Gaming Build.

This build is mostly for gaming. Plan on doing a little OC. Took advise from some of the ppl on here as well as looked up recommended parts for the mobo.

Thoughts welcomed. Ready to buy today.
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  1. Yes, it's a good motherboard, though, i'd get the sapphire vapor-x 7970 ghz edition over the xfx.
    Also i'd get the samsung 840 pro over that one, since you want to spend that kind of money on a ssd.
  2. if there a local micro center near you there cpu prices are less then one you posted and they have mb and cpu cash back combo deals.
  3. The system as is needs 500w. The power supply i got was a 750w, Its not the silver like it states on the list. I actually got the gold. Its 5 star rated with great reviews. I think it will be fine. No I dont live near Micro Center. The Mobo was actually cheaper then the Extreme 4.
  4. The psu is fine, it will do for two 7970.
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    That psu can deliver 750W with high efficiency.
    A 750 psu will do :

    A good one, easily for two 7970.
  6. @delta5

    750W is enough for 2 7970s. There's still some headroom left afterwards. Plus, you're forgetting that most reviewers measured the power consumption which are power drawn from the wall (AC power), not really how much the system needs (DC power).
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