Merging 2 separate networks when one is connected via ethernet and the other is

I have a DSL Connection and a Tenda W311R+ Wireless Router. I have a desktop PC and a HP laptop.
Currently I am running 2 separate networks. An ethernet cable connects the modem to the router. Another ethernet cable connects the router to the desktop (network 1) and the laptop is connected to the router via a wireless network (network 2).
Is there any way that I can merge these 2 networks so both the machines are on one network and I can share files/documents easily?
PS. I do not have a wireless adapter for the desktop.
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  1. PS. Please explain all steps in detail.
    Thanks in advance
  2. If they're connected to the same router, then your systems are on the same network. If file sharing is enabled and both systems are in the same workgroup (usually WORKGROUP by default), then it will work unless the firewall blocks it. You didn't specify what OS, but if you are using Windows 7, then you could start at
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