Uaa yellow exclamation code 10

I have HP DC5700 in which I installed Window XP PRO SP2..

when I installed window xp sp2 then in the device manager their will be an yellow excalmation mark on Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture with Code 10 which is "this device cannot be found"

I have updated all the Realtek Driver and checked in services.msc the window audio which is automatically started.

I have 2 times Format my window xp sp2 and installed new window with window XP SP3. but i found the same audio problem with code 10 of yellow exclamation mark.

Can anyone help me to bring out me from this serious issue

I would be very gladful.

Thanks & Regards
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  1. Is the Audio driver installed? (And BTW it is Windows XP; not window XP)
  2. uninstall it, reboot. upon boot up plug an play should find and install correct driver. if not open device manager, search for new hardware and install.
  3. Yeah I have Installed all the latest driver, and also uninstall UAA driver then reinstall it but the result is zero.
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