An upgrade from 460

Hey guys so i am looking for an upgrade from my gtx 460 it's a Palit 1.2 gb card

My specs are

CPU 2.9 ghz quad
DDR3 Rams 4 gb but it's like 3.25 usable
Motherboard M5A78L-M USB3
1920 x 1080 screen

i am looking to spend about 100 to 150 GBP but you can suggest 200 ish cards if you want because i can try and bid on ebay
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  1. well that's weird. with GTX460 the configs are 768MB or 1GB. the only cards with 1.2GB that i know of is GTX470 and GTX570 because of their memory interface (320 bit). btw your RAM only 3.25GB usable because you're using 32 bit OS.

    as for the upgrade look no lower than 660Ti or 7870 but they do cost more than USD200
  2. I am using 64 bit

    and i think i'm wrong i think it is 768 mb :P
  3. I think i might save up and try to get the 660ti

    Will my 550 W OCZ PSU be able to handle it ?
  4. Shouldn't be a problem - GTX660 Ti has a TDP of just 150 watts.
  5. grbroter said:
    I am using 64 bit

    and i think i'm wrong i think it is 768 mb :P

    well that's weird. with 64bit OS you should be able to utilize all the available RAM. maybe it was some kind of limitation to your motherboard
  6. I only got this problem when i got my puter back it used to be 4 gb ( i was banned for like couple weeks ) and i opened it and it was 4 gb (2 usable) but then i moved it around and try install new bios and everything then it went up to 3.25 gb and im just fine with it I'm planning to get more rams anyway so that should be fine
  7. You will need at the least a 660 or a 7850 to be worth the cost to upgrade over just about any 460/560. Even more so if yours is a good overclocker, mine hits around 850 on stock volts and 930 so far with max volts.
  8. I dunno, 768mb 460 is only slightly better than 550 Ti... 660 is almost 580 performance. 660 will put out double the performance of a 550 Ti.
  9. Ok guys thanks for all your reply i've just bought a GTX 480

    Thanks for all the options that you guys suggests wish you all the best and merry christmas
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