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Hello Community,

I recently posted about building a new computer and while I do plan on building it I was trying to think of a more cost effective way to have a more powerful computer until my budget allows me to build my own computer from scratch. My current home computer is VERY outdated.

I am currently using an Asus cm1630-06. Everything is the same as I bought it new no upgrades or anything. I will list a few of the components that I believe will need to be changed all other specs if needed can be found at

CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 2.8GHz Dual Core

GPU: Integrated graphics card ATI Radeon 3000

RAM: 4gb DDR3 memory motherboard supports up to 16gb

Motherboard: Model 1630
Chipset:AMD 780G
Southbridge:AMD SB700
Not sure what all that information retrieved it using a detect program that detects components.

The computer I want to build from scratch will cost me over $1,000 and right now with not a lot of regular income and a two year old my budget will not allow it for a few months so in the meantime I would like to be able to upgrade this one so that I can run World of Warcraft on Ultra to get me through. I am not entirely sure what the process is to upgrading these type of components on a system that is already loaded with software and an operating system. Do I need to make changes in Windows so I can use the new components or perhaps in BIOS? I am also running Linux Ubuntu, will I need to make changes in Terminal or will Linux automatically detect my new hardware? I know that Linux is more of a manual OS but I prefer it to Windows due to it's speed and I have Windows so I can run certain software not compatible with Linux and my wife does not like Linux =).

I am wondering if I can change from an AMD processor to an Intel Processor because I do prefer Intel over AMD. I know that this would require me to change motherboards but how would that process go from a software stand point? Would I need to go into BIOS and change things or is it automatic? I have never done this before so I have no idea how to approach it. Like I said I want to run WOW on ultra or as close as possible to ultra until I can build my dream computer and buying a new CPU and GPU would be cheaper than buying all the components for a build from scratch. In addition, I want to be able to go with the cheapest option possible, therefore, if I can run WOW on ultra using an AMD processor and not have to replace my motherboard I would rather do that and just stick with an AMD processor in this machine and have an Intel processor in the machine I build later. I am thinking that my motherboard would need to be replaced with the purchase of a new, more powerful CPU but I am not sure. Also as of right now is offering AMD CPU and motherboard bundles which seem like a good deal what do you all think?

So basically I want to be able to take the cheapest route to upgrade my current computer to be able to run WOW on ultra which I know will at least require a new CPU and GPU. However, I am also wondering that with the new more powerful components will I need a new PSU? I am not sure of what my current PSU is as I could not find that information online and have not opened up the computer yet to see if it says on the PSU itself. I am so thankful for this community and you all have always been extremely helpful when I have questions. Thank you all very much for your time.

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  1. Whheew....came here to help but that is one big paragraph. look here and ask again
  2. tenaciousk said:
    Whheew....came here to help but that is one big paragraph. look here and ask again

    I apologize for my atrocious format. I have fixed it so that it is a little easier to read (I hope) =).
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