G33M02 with E8400

I have a Inspiron 530 with a G33m02 motherboard, which holds an original Pentium dual 1.8Ghz E2160. I just wanted to make sure that a Wolfdale E8400 3.0 Ghz would be able to be run, and if so, would that pair well with an Asus 7750, and 3gb of Corsair budget RAM DDR2. Im on a very tight budget, being a college student, and just want to be able to run games like Dark Souls PTDE, and DayZ standalone when it comes out...

also, would all this run on the stock 300 watt PSU, as I know the graphics card only uses the PCIe port for power. Thank you so much for looking at my post.
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    Yep; It should work completely fine.
  2. You will need a new PSU. Get a 450w unit from Corsair, Antec, XFX, Seasonic.
  3. Thanks, do you think the build will run Dark souls and DayZ on high settings? even medium would be fine for me.
  4. Normally the G33 will handle an e8400

    but Dell may not have installed a BIOS that supports that option . I suggest you check the dell support information
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