LX6200-01 GeForce 8800 gt bad performance

Hi guys,

I decided to upgrade the stock integrated graphics with geforce 8800gt 512mb from my friend who gave it to me for free. I did some research and I know that the OEM power supply should be able to handle the video card. However, it performs really bad e.g. Counter Strike 1.6 dropping to 40-50 fps ( I have been playing it for years, I know how to set it to 100fps), vertical sync is off and everything. CPU temp is 55+ idle, GPU is 65+ idle. I really looked forward to play newer games on decent settings with the card.
What should I do? Replace the power supply?

OS is Win7 Ultimate 64bit
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  1. Have you installed the proper drivers for that card?

    That is fairly low performance - my 9800gt (the same card, rebranded), would almost double that. Though the heat isn't surprising - the older cards were nowhere close to efficient.
  2. I went on nvidia website and downloaded drivers for 8-series.

    I don't know whether it's the power supply, the supply fan or the w7 64bit issue or something else entirely
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