[Graphics Cards] Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 1GB Not Ti

Hello, I was wondering if my Nvidia will run whit a PSU of 220V and 3A?? I'm hesitating to install in my computer. Because its mininum requirement is a 400W whit 20A on a 12V+ Rail
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  1. What make and model PSU is it that you have? 220v x3a = 600w but as you might have noticed this doesnt mean much until you know how many amps it can put out on the 12v rail which is on a sticker right on the PSU.

    Just be warned that not all PSU's can actually put out what they claim which is why we want the make and model #. Or you can research reviews of it yourself like on hardocp or jonnyguru
  2. Its a Orion PSU. It doesnt say anything else beside the INPUT and DC OUTPUT on a black sticker. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/ORION-485-Watt-ATX-Power-Supply-/120700627750#ht_1553wt_1163
  3. Is that the PSU you currently have.

    @pop I would listen to what he says. Not all power supplies output the power they suggest. A non ti 650 has extremely low power requirements however I would still give myself room to expand in the future. I would suggest a 550 watt psu. Something like this.
  4. My graphic card is still in the box, i just need to make sure it will not blow my computer while i'm gaming.

    @bigshoot8r : yes its the PSU i currently have in my computer. Its exaclty the same has the link i've posted /|\
  5. Hmm, I see I see. Well what can I say I don't like seeing off branded PSU's typically the cheaper PSU's out there don't hold the same reliability as the more expensive name brands do ANTEC, XFX, PCPOWER, CORSAIR to name a few. For a 650 I don't see the harm since the power draw is low but anything higher and I would look for a better PSU.
  6. Well its not like i've wanted that PSU in particular, it just came whit it when i bought my personnalized computer. I wasn't able to pick the 1 i wanted 3 years ago. But even so it still going strong today, it never failed me once after 3 years nearly constant running. Also i've just place my GTX 650 and everything work fine. no overheating or anything like that. The GPU hold at 31 C. But ihavent tried to stress it in gaming. Ill see how it is when ill try Assassin creed 3 that came whit it :p
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