Random fps drops gtx670

Hey so i currently have 620watt antec power supply, intel core i7 3770 and the asus geforce gtx670, im playing guildwars maxxed out with Anti aliasing turned off, bu when i turn corners or hold down a and spin around, for about 2 secs my fps drops to like 25 and lags for a couple of secs, is that because my comp isnt good enough to run gw on max? im not sure, ive downloaded gpu drivers from asus website and ive also downloaded all mobo drivers, please help im not sure why it is doing this whenever i turn i have 8gb ram also
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  1. TheN00bBuilder said:
    Your PC is getting too hot during these small periods. Get more efficient and fast fans.

    not true my pc doesnt even break 50 degrees when playing games
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