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Weird PC problem - Screen "splitting" while playing Skyrim

Hoping for some help from the community here. I've been having an issue and my attempts at Googling it have failed me. It's a tough problem to describe, so a forum where I can post some screenshots might help. Basically, when playing Skyrim on my PC, at some point the screen occasionally gets "split." It's not screen tearing in the classic sense, but my screen literally splits where a portion of the RIGHT side of the image is on the left side of my monitor. This problem persists to my desktop when it happens, and I have to reboot to correct it. When the screen is split, my mouse actually jumps when I go to the far right to the left side that's split.

Some details on my system. I have an AMD Phenom II X4 3.3 GHz, 8 GB of RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, and a VisionTek Radeon 6870. Windows and all drivers are fully updated, and I've tried several different versions of the Catalyst drivers. I'm also running my video card fan at max to try to alleviate any potential heating problems. The issue does seem to happen after playing Skyrim for a couple hours or so.

One last thing I noticed is that my Windows experience index was at 1.0 last time due to a 1.0 score for Windows Aero. I re-ran the assessment and it went back to 7.8, however. I know this doesn't mean much but it's something.

Any ideas? RMA the card maybe? (I already had to RMA this model once for heating/crash issues.)
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  1. I used GPU-Z to look at my temps, and while playing they get as high as 98. I'm assuming that's bad and might be the problem.
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    Hi Mate,

    Sounds like you have a defective card. I'm no expert on Radeon cards but those temps do seem too high.

    Do you get the same results in any other games?

    I would suggest downloading and installing furmark as this will stress test your card and temps to the max. If you get the same isssue then i dare say you will need to RMA your card.

    How long have you owned the 6870?
  3. I believe I am still under warranty on it, thankfully. I do have the same issue in other games I've played like Fallout New Vegas. It's frankly given me some kind of issue in about every game I've played, outside of League of Legends.
  4. Hmm... Do us a favor, and take a couple screenshots. I'm curious to see if the split occurs in what it saves, as well as on the screen.
  5. Your first screen looks like you have lines as well.

    98 seems awful high.
  6. There are horizontal, flashing lines as well when it happens. I currently have it running and waiting for it to happen again so I can grab a screenshot. :)
  7. Well, I got it to bork itself again. (Was running for like 2+ hours.) Screenshots appear perfectly normal, if that says anything.
  8. I would contact the mfg's tech support... and RMA the card.
  9. splendorlex said:
    There are horizontal, flashing lines as well when it happens. I currently have it running and waiting for it to happen again so I can grab a screenshot. :)

    Normally what when it does NOT show up in a screen shot its a hardware/driver issue.

    Flickering lines are not good at all.
  10. sounds like a possible monitor issue. dry another resolution, does it still happen? try another dvi cable.
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