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I have lost Dell vostro 1045 bios password ,how I will get back the pass word ?

I have Dell Vostro 1045 laptop, it was loaded with
Windows xp, now I want to reload it with windows 7. When it was tried every thin went ok,but the wireless net work is not enabled.In the bios, the pass word earlier set was lost and now it is asking the bios pass word.How can I reset or remove the earlier pass word?
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  1. i find it hard to believe that you installed windows 7 over xp without ever entering the existing bios password. the bios password is asked during every startup.
    to remove a bios password, you must enter the existing password first. it won't work otherwise.
    you could ask the owner of the pc.
    discussing password cracking is against tomshardware's rules.
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    I expect you will have to take your laptop to a Dell authorised dealer (or someone) who has the CD containing the password reset program(s)
    (and prove you own the laptop)

    With most Desktops the password is held in cmos memory and can easily be reset to blank

    With many business class laptops the power on passwords are held in eeprom or similar chip and require a model specific program to clear them.

    The hard disk power on password is even more difficult to crack, theoretically only a special program which erases the hard disk can clear the password

    Note on Dell laptops there are passwords for booting the PC, accessing the hard disk and another against changing any BIOS settings


    Mike Barnes
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