ATI XFX radeon 6950 2GB fan broken - can i replace it?

Hey everyone..

So me being curious (and very stupid) i stuck my finger inside the fan when it was moving pretty fast and 2 fan blades cut off.

Its still working fine, temps are low etc but when im playing Far Cry 3 the fan goes around 48% and its pretty load, and gives alot of vibration...

Is this normal, or is this my broken fan?

Also, im sure i can just change the fan right, but where can i buy the fan from? and what size/model should/would it be?

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Sorry i meant *loud

    and also, i cant compare to how loud it was before as i broke it the first day i had it
  2. Also im not sure about warranty as i bought this card as second hand from eBay (but i do have the box and everything with it)
  3. you could just ghettomod any (case)fan on it really...
    If you use molex fan you'll loose the automatic rpm controll though, but at least it would run without bad vibes. Or if you can find a fan that is specced similarily as the original one voltage/current/wattage wise you should be able to just plug it into the fan header on the card without the risk of damaging the card. You might still need to make new fan profile for it thou if the rated rpm is different.
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