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Blue ray needs a different gateway address for router

I am trying to connect a blue ray to a net gear router, not wireless, and it keeps asking me to assign a different protocol internet address. Any know how to do this?
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  1. Check the networking section of your BR player manual, it may have specific requirements, or you just may need to enter the gateway ip and subnet into your BR player so that it is on the correct network and will be assigned an address.

    Also check to see if the BR player requires a static address, which you would then set in the Netgear router configuration page by typing in your computer browser, then entering id and password.

    The default gateway ip for Netgear is subnet mask
  2. Thanks for the fast response. I will try that.
  3. It won't work. I did an ipconfig on my computer and it said the ip address is subnet is and gateway is Then logged in to the router setup and it said a completely different addy. That was and gateway is can you help??
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    Those are just two different internal networks, which is why you got the error.

    That should be pretty easy to fix. You either need to change the BR player address to one in the correct range or change the router range to work with the BR player. I would look at the BR manual to find where in the menu you can change the addresses and change the BP player to the router range if possible.

    In the BR player, change your computer gateway to, subnet mask should remain, either have the BR player automatically obtain an address from the router or if it won't do that give it a proper IP address in the network range, like, insuring that none of your computers (have them all on) is using that specific address at the time. Then in your router set that IP address as a reserved address in the dynamic range, and allow the router to assign everything else from to for example.
  5. I set everything like you said but it still says the default gateway is not right. I looked on the router settings and it shows the ip address of the blue ray that I assigned. So it doesn't appear there is an issue with the ip address. It's something with the gateway default addy. I entered that as the same that you told me and that is the same one that the router has listed also.
  6. Go back over each of the settings in each device and the router and double check that the gateway on the router is the same as each of the devices (and subnet is or obtained from the gateway), and insure that the gateway dhcp service has an address range adequate for all of its devices. If you assigned a static address on the Blu-Ray (did you?) then you must also make that a reserved address in the router.

    When you look at the Blu-Ray manual, does it give any guidance for what internal address range is acceptable?
  7. I can't find where to set a reserve address on the router settings..I will look again and no I didn't set the static addy on the blue ray. The manual doesn't say anything about an internal range. I appreciate you trying to help me....this is getting frustrating. The router company wants to charge me $100.00. I will keep trying if you keep giving me instructions..thanks again for your time.
  8. You can also just use a static address that is in the network range, but not within the DHCP assignable range if your router doesn't have reserved dynamic addresses using the device's MAC address.

    What model is your router?
  9. it is a netgear N300
  10. That is a good router that is completely configurable, look at page 115 of your MANUAL for address reservation. All the good stuff on configuration is under advanced settings.
  11. okay I was able to find those settings on the router and it already has a range set. The addresses that show up under attached devices are still the, etc. That is was is throwing me off. Should I just ignore those and use the 198 address
  12. Yes, you must change everything to a single network, so either to .254 or to .254, otherwise they will not share information unless bridged, which you don't need to do.

    I would change everything to the 192.168.1.x network. Leave the gateway at and change the others by making them use addresses assigned by that gateway DHCP service.
  13. I finally got it to work. I ended up using the address for the gateway and set up as the ip address and it worked. I was shocked. Thanks so much for helping me!!
  14. dlhenne said:
    I finally got it to work. I ended up using the address for the gateway and set up as the ip address and it worked. I was shocked. Thanks so much for helping me!!

    Great! Congratulations, you are now ready to network your friends and neighbors.

    And it is really funny how the stuff actually works when you get all those seemingly insignificant details worked out. :bounce:
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