I am impressed

I have been searching and researching the building of my first computer and am very impressed with the help people get from this forum. I see no flaming at all. I will be back for help with any issues I have. Pretty cool... :sol:
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  1. Thanks - glad to help where possible.
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    There's flaming, but glad you like us.

    We're also talented at figuring out the best possible performance to eke out of a budget. (And at telling people when they're totally wasting money, no matter how much they don't want to hear it.)
  3. wait till you ask what CPU you should get, intel or amd and youll see flames :P
  4. I just ran across some flaming, but it was @someone trying to prove a point with a bit of bias. That I can understand. Didn't see any for help questions. I won't be passing over any advice that saves me money and gains +technology.
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