Why is their a 46.42 Pound Price Difference

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  1. The latter is in dollars and not pounds.
  2. Yes i do know lol, i just pounds to dollars on the Newegg one. and it seems to be 46pounds cheaper.

    Anyone tell me why ? is it like an older version ?
  3. They don't have VAT in US, that's why things are cheaper there.
  4. Yep, computer parts are always more expensive in Europe.
  5. Not just computer parts, but most of stuff as well :).
  6. Sunius said:
    Not just computer parts, but most of stuff as well :).

    +1 to that. Americans are paying the equivalent of around £0.40/litre for fuel. We're paying the equivalent of ~$8.50/US gallon. Their Ben & Jerry's was something like $4 too, not fair. Only thing that's expensive there is breakfast cereal...

    EDIT: And Taco Bell! $0.99 burritos! And they're GOOD. They don't know how good they have it...
  7. if i was reading the ebay ad right..the cards could be new rma cards or oem cards that just going to have a plain white box and the driver cd. the newegg link is for the retail box.
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