Can I use this heatsink?

Hello, I am going to be building my first PC soon,I originally wanted to use a closed water loop to cool my cpu because I like the smaller profile of them and the cleaner look, but I have decided to go with the air cooling route out of fear of getting leaks and ruining my new build.

Since I am going to be going the air route, I would like to use a heatsink that is aesthetically pleasing, such as the Thermaltake CLP0554 (Spin Q) I love the look of it.

Since I have never built my own pc before, I am relatively new to parts selection and what is compatible with what, I don't really see why it wouldn't be compatible with my build, but I just want some reassurance that I will be able to use this particular heatsink for my build.

My case will be a Zalman Z11 HF1 edition
Processor is intel core i5 3570k
The motherboard I have chosen is the Asrock Z77 extreme 4

Is there any reason I wouldn't be able to use this heatsink for my build?
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    Yes, it fits, it's supported for that socket, and it fits in the case, but i'd get the phanteks cooler which is at the same price.
    If you want to take a look at it :

    It comes in several colors, it's a good quiet, high performance cooler.
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  3. Thanks for the confirmation and suggestion :)
  4. aesthetically pleasing? REALLY??? ya gonna be lookin' inside your 'puter while you are playin' games or surfin'?
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