Run gta4 smoothly

Guys my pc configuration is :
Amd phenom 2 x2
4gb ddr3 ram
500gb hdd
Sapphire ati redeon hd6450 2gb graphic card

Plz tell me graphic setting for running gta4 smoothly without any lag..
What should be setting for
View Distance, Detail Distance,Vehicle Density,Shadow Density
And game look blurry..
Need solution guys
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  1. your better off getting a new gpu tbh. i believe a 7750 runs off the motherboard needing no psu connections plus its not that expensive. My mums pc has the same gpu and its no good for gaming really, which is why i gave up and made my own rig.
  2. you should buy a Radeon 6850 or 7850 so that u can run gta 4 smothly .
    ,oreover, you can play the upcoming gta 5 and run these 2 video cards for 4-6 years
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