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I just purchased this http://pcpartpicker.com/p/BakX and wanted to hear opinions, please not tooooo harsh haha I did drop some cash on this puppy.
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  1. looks pretty BA to me. i approve :) i assume it's mostly for gaming?
  2. Mostly.... ;) lol yea I ordered a Chromebook for taking to class (college) and this to make my friends *** haha.
  3. not bad.

    except u could of gottena cheaper case. cheaper mobo.

    a 2tb seagate for that price.

    for 30$ more a sandisk 256gb ssd ;P

    cheaper ips panel just as good.

    thats about it, but not bad :P
  4. I think that parts list is golden
  5. I went with reliability over price really. WD kicks seagate ass, the sandisk doesn't touch the 840Pro, the IPS I went with because I've always loved Asus and had good experiences, case is because I want my PC to look stellar vs a cheap black case that has my goodies hidden away and finally the Mobo I will give you in the sense that I almost went with a $145 MSI but the Sabertooth is proven, I didn't wanna have 2nd guesses in the end. But thanks for your reply and compliment :)
  6. Thanks Rockdpm!!! :sol:
  7. nope in real world benchmarks the black really isnt faster than the seagate, im just saying if u wanted more storage the sandisk would of been a fine choice.

    u went with good choices.

  8. Thanks man! Oh and I'm on another forum and when I showed them this they absolutely tore me a new *** on my PSU. They said Rosewill is garbage and to 'have fun with my PSU'. Do you believe I will be having issues? It just makes me worried and after all the time that will be spent let alone money I don't want a fried computer.
  9. the hive mind is fine, based off the ocz 550-650-750 ocz-z models.


  10. Thank you :) I hate when people bash anything out of their realm of comfort
  11. somethimes they should advise something better instead of bashing, bashing doesnt accomplish anything.
  12. Exactly. And truth be told I had an $1,886 budget and I spent $1,876. I didn't exactly have the room to spend the extra $50 on a Corsair or something
  13. yar :P
  14. Haha all the guts arrive on Tuesday... and the freakin case comes on wednesday -.- lol got trolled by shipping. Oh well I'll post pics of everything laid out and the build. Sooo excited, first ever. Like a kid in a candy shop :D
  15. excellent sounds g00d
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