HELP!!! Radeon hd 7950 problem with video card Driver

When I download the driver from amd for my radeon hd 7950 it causes a bunch of spots to appear randomly on the screen, but when I uninstall it the spots disappear. Here are some pictures of the spots.

I have no idea how to fix this, I figured I was driving the wrong driver which i put for

step 1: desktop graphics
step 2: Radeon HD series
step 3: Radeon HD 7xxx series Pcle
step 4: windows 7 64 bit

I dled Catalyst Software Suite with .NET 4 Support and Latest Beta Driver with .NET 4.0 Support, but same problem occurs. I don't know am I downloading the wrong thing or something? Can you guys please help me?
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  1. I have also tried putting in my sapphire radeon hd 7950 again into the motherboard, but still same problem. It stops only when I uninstall the AMD driver.
  2. try a fresh re install of windows then see if you get the same problems.
  3. try using Driver Sweeper before you do a fresh install of windows. might save you a bunch of trouble.
  4. So i did a fresh re install of windows, dled the driver again and when i dled it the samw rhing happens. Im getting frustrated. Could it be the software, monitor? I have no idea honestly. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. So I called AMD and told them about my situation. They suggested that my graphic cards may be busted and get a replacement. I think it could be cause when I play CS GO there are sometimes when the dots disappear but usually they reappear. Ill keep you guys updated and see how it works out
  6. I got my video card put it in and installed the driver. I checked my dxdiag and it showed this
    when I run counter strike global offensive I check the fps rate and it is the same as my integrated graphics. I checked my video card on device manager and it says its running properly
    I try to play far cry 3 and its the same when i had my integrated graphics. Any help is appreciated
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