What Upgrade would benefit performance the most?

I'm getting $3-400 that I want to put towards my pc, I'm just unsure of what to upgrade for the best performance.
PC Specs:
Amd fx 6100
8gb corsair vengence
Amd XFX 7770 ghz core edition
Asus M5 A97 R2.0
250bg hdd
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  1. Best upgrade would be a 6300/ 8320 and a 660/7870. The reason for the cpu upgrade, is I don't know if there will be a cpu bottleneck. If not, alone is fine. A 7850 would be a worthy upgrade for gpu even.
  2. Ok thanks, kinda what I was thinking with the cpu,
    was thinking of getting the 8320 and Ram, because it seems like my ram locks up sometimes even with less resource intensive games like minecraft.
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