7850 Poor Performance - Bottlenecking or is something else wrong?

I recently bought a Radeon 7850 2gig to improve my FPS for playing CS:GO. Previous to this, I had a very low end geforce and ran the game at 30-35 FPS. After buying the 7850, my FPS is now like 30-40. My CPU is an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 - am I not seeing any real FPS gain because my CPU was likely already close to bottlenecking, or should I definitely be seeing a significant FPS boost? If this is probably not just my CPU, what are some other possibilities I should look into?

I was planning on not getting as much as I could be out of the 7850, but figured I'd get up to a decent FPS in game and then keep the card when I build a new computer in a month...
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  1. Make sure all the old GPU drivers from that old GPU and you downloaded the most recent drivers from AMD. YOu should see about 10 fps more probably at best because that CPU is real old
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