Can my system handle a xfx DD 7870?

I'm going to upgrade my graphics card to the xfx DD 7870. I would like to know if my current system can handle it without having to upgrade anything else.

CPU:Athlon ii x3 450
MOBO: asrock 880gm-le
RAM: 4gb Ripjaws
PSU: CX500
GPU: ASUS 6670 gddr5
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  1. Yeah your comp can handle the hd 7870.
  2. In this case, your cpu will bottleneck the 7870, your cpu is weak and for comparison :

    It's worse than a pentium G620.
    I recommend going with a lower card or upgrading the cpu.
  3. I know my CPU will bottleneck it. I'm hoping to upgrade to at least a phenom II x4 in the near future. I would just like to know if the card will run on my system and be better than the 6670 I currently have.
  4. I'm saying, if you upgrade now the cpu, yes, if only the card, you're better of with a 7850 or 7770.
    The 7870 will be restrained by your cpu, and it's not worth it with that cpu, you'll get the same performance as the other two cards above
  5. I would rather get the same performance now then upgrade the cpu to get better performance than get a 7850 then have to upgrade both, graphics card and cpu to get better performance.
  6. Yes, you can do that, like i said in the beginning, i recommend upgrading the cpu, also there's gonna be latter on new intel cpus and amd gpus, it's just a reason to see what's the best for you.
  7. Alright, ill go with the 7870. Thanks for your help!
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