How can I view an extended display if it's in another room?

Is there anyway to view what's going on on a second display, on the first display? I don't want to clone the desktop, but rather I want to have one screen (in this case a 40' tv mounted in the shop) playing movies/video while the other (my desktop monitor in my office) can go about doing my typical office work (bills, hours, email, etc)

With the desktop being in the office though I've been having so much trouble changing video's, and fixing it should some unexpected problem occur.

Is there anyway to monitor it on the first display at will without interrupting anything? (Like maybe having a small window displaying what's on the second display on the monitor somewhere?)

If it's not possible what other options do I have? Sorry if this post isn't in the right place.

And thanks!


BTW I've got a radeon hd 5450 as my gpu
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  1. Well no responses, but I finally found a solution.

    A third party program called "Screen Stream". It's got a pretty bad delay, but at least now I can do things on the monitor in the other room.
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