Urgent help! i have built a P4 and it doesnt start

Please someone explain what is wrong? I have purchased different parts from different stores and built ny own Pentium 4 1800 + PcChips 930 s478 board. Also purchased In-Win case Q500 with 300W power supply ! Now when connected it doesnt even start!!! I tried connecting the power supply to the Celeron i have and it works! so its not the Power suply , what could it be? i am puzzled ... if anyone can help i would really appreciate the effort.

Also i have 2 CD ROMS 2HHD + 1 ZIP.
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  1. Do you have LEDs?

    Case fans?

    All your mobo connectors on correctly?

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  2. Wrong? A PCChips motherboard!

    Well, something must have shorted on the board. try switching it on with minimum numbe rof components, just the processr, power supply, memory and display card and nothing else. and add each item one by one to find out which ones offending.


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  3. The thing is that a power supply would have started anyway
    regardless of the fact the the mobo was short or not.
    I am concerned about the fact that can it be simply the problem of being certified for P4 use for the PS?
  4. This is the case i have and it does not say its P4 compliant

    And i dont think i have 4 pin connector on this board
    m930 PCchips can it be ONLY the power supply ? without any extra connections for the CPU etc can that fix the problem?
    if i change the PS to a ATX12V?

    This is the board
    http://www.pcchips.com/product/m930lr.jpg<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by aktush on 01/28/02 02:52 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  5. And not to be redundant, but a PC-chips mobo?

    No offense, but you probably shoulda visited this forum _before_ you built your system.

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  6. check the cpu, and memory to make sure seated. and if so replace one of them. it also might be bad mother board HAVE IT CHECK
  7. I think I figured out what the error was and when you take out the CPU the board and everything starts spinning, only AFTER you take out CPU. I took cpu to the computer shop nearby and they said its dead CPU. SO i am changing that.

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  8. What is the likeliness of the bad CPU killing the motherboard?

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  9. Might be the other way. Mb might have killed your cpu.

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  10. you have a dead cpu right?

    so when you put the cpu in did you connect the HSF to the mobo? with the i think it was 3 pin connector?

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