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Hi guys,
About two or three days ago i got home and went to "wake-up" my computer from sleep mode. The computer turned on fans were running hdd was running, keyboard and mouse responding, but the monitor itself would not turn on (said entering power save mode which it usually does when the computer shuts down. Now have removed the vga connector and when i do the display usually works on startup, but after comming out of sleep mode the display does not turn on. Sometimes the display does not turn on even when not comming out of sleep mode, but just on bootup. It is starting to get really stressful because i have tried the integrated chip on my mobo, aswell as my gtx 560 gpu and sometimes the display will show (most of the time not). I have tried many different things such as setting the virtual memory higher than the amount of ram i have, disabling hibernation mode in the controll panel advanced power settings, turning of something about a usb (sorry not to specific on that one i am really tired now and cannot remember). I usually use a vga cable and my monitor does not have a slot for hdmi, however my hd tv does and i have used that as a monitor and sometimes the same problem happens (most of the time). However the tv responds a little differently and someitmes it says that there is no signal so maybe i should do some more troubleshooting with it. However I am starting to believe that it is the monitor itself because of bothe the integrated and gtx 560 gpu not working. I am pretty sure it is not a loose connector on the inside. And yes i have installed the latest gpu driver. If you guys want me to be more specific just ask and i will respond when i have time. But for now i will just keep on looking on different forums, I have also tried disabling sleep mode on power options (for some reason people have been saying that this is working) not for me though. If there is anything else that you think i should try to troubleshoot with just ask and i will be happy to try. THANK-YOU
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  1. Rule of thumb when using computers: if you're not using it, turn it OFF
  2. I respect that you at least acknowledged my post...... But your response is not very informative... I understand that my problem is vague, but I just want to use these forums as a cry for help. Btw I do shut my computer OFF, every night. If you dont have anything informative to say, please do not Insult my intelect. I just want to know if I should replace my gpu.... Thanks I guess
  3. u mentioned disabling hibernation mode, have you just not used the sleep function and see how it reacts? obviously its a communication error from entering and coming out of sleep mode, whether it's a driver issue or a coms issue is hard to tell - check the event viewer for errors

    if what you say about using the on-board graphics (with the 560 out of the chassis) is true, then it's not your 560 at all and could be your motherboard
  4. I think it might be my mobo. There have been reported errors with an asus motherboard about disabling pll overvolt. However in my bios i just set suspend mode to s3 and i think it might be fixed because a waited a while and now returning from sleep mode the monitor did turn on. I really hope the problem is fixed now.

    btw it was on auto instead of s3 before if that actually makes a difference.
  5. just incase it stops working again i already downloaded a newer bios update and have that handy on my flashdrive, so i can try that.
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Configuration_and_Power_Interface

    what are your options for ACPI?

    I assumed you already have the current BIOS installed - you should've done that First
  7. I do have the latest bios flashed, i think my problems might be solved. Just for future reference (and it appears that you know more on this subject than i do and i thank you for all of your help) i have hybrid sleep enabled so should i just continue to use this type of sleep? Or would you recommend using regular hibernation (i am talking about when i have to go for say from a half hour to a few hours.) Btw my acpi options were s1 s2 and s3 if i remember. My bios doesnt even include s4 i think... have to check again.. So is it even possible to go into hibernation mode? Sorry of my uncertainty i will check later.
  8. I personally never used any form of hibernation - and never will, even on my laptop... for the simple reason that something can cause a glitch that could be disastrous. All you need is a power sag or spike and *poof* lost your MBR to a glitch - seen it happen.

    It's good practice to turn off the computer if you're not going to use it for more than 30 minutes. You can set the monitor to turn off after 20, to visually signify the time it's been off so far, without putting the data at risk by entering safe mode or hibernation. I would customize the power settings so that nothing turns off unless you press the power button on the chassis.

    Using either sleep or moreso hibernation uses up disk space and resources that eventually slow down the computer and can create a fragmented disk if using a HDD. Get yourself an SSD as the boot drive and you'll have a boot up/down time of less than 40 seconds (possibly faster), and you'll never look back at using sleep mode again.

    my $0.02
  9. Ok probably will invest in an ssd for a boot drive seems pretty awsome. Thanks for all your help man, and i appreciate your kindness.
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