Killed 2 computer yesterday

I have been building my own computers since Intel was making their 386SX25 cpu, so I have a fair amount of experience with this, but am stumped right now.

It started with building a new computer with some extra parts and a new motherboard. After I put it together, the best I can get out of it is the cpu fan moving just a bit and then it stops. I have to turn off the power to the power supply for a minute, or so, before I can make that fan move again - simple hitting the on/off switch repeated results in nothing. I swapped out the power supply and cpu, separately, with the same results. It has a i3 cpu, so no video card, and no extra cards inserted. It certainly looks like a bad motherboard, but: when I returned the other powersupply I used to test that computer to its original computer that had been working with no problems, now all I get is the powersupply turning on, dvd light turning on as it does its initial test, but no harddrive light and obviously no boot up or even bios flash screen as it starts up. I have reseated the cpus and double checked all the power connections from the powersupplies are fully connected.

New computer: motherboard: MSI ZH77A-G43, psu Antec BP350
Older computer: motherboard Z68Pro3, psu PC Power and Cooling PPCMK3S400 400W ATX 12V v2.3 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply

Any thoughts on how to proceed?

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  1. Hi, Is the CPU fan spinning in the Z68 system?
    If not, then my guess is that it's a PSU issue.
    I would RMA the Z77 board and the 2 power supplies. By the way, 350 PSU seems to be a little bit low. I would use a 400 - 450W one.
  2. the cpu fan and powersupply are up and running on the Z68 - just no harddrive/boot/video. Both systems have no add-on cards, one harddrive, and the cpus are not overclocked, so the 350 PSU probably should be fine. Neither computer will get used for much more than internet surfing & youtube.

    O, and the second PSU that I put in the new computer is a 400 watt unit. But when I returned it to its original computer, the Z68, is when that computer stopped working.

  3. Can you connect a case speaker (beeper) to the Z68 board?
  4. the Z68 has a speaker/dongle already attached. when I turn the Z68 on, there is no sound/beep from the speaker. also, the power switch on the Z68 works (on and off) but the reset button does not seem to do anything.

  5. One computer solved: when I built my new computer, I did not actually build it - I supervised my son building it because I wanted him to learn how to do it. Well, when he screwed the motherboard down, the front end was not supported by standoffs, so he screwed it to the case - and hence shorted out the motherboard. After I took those screws out and remounted the motherboard with standoffs at the front, that computer is up and running :D

    The Z68 computer is still belly-up. I put a different psu in and it still will not do anything.

  6. Leave only CPU and CPU fan installed and start the board. The CPU fan should spin and you should get the beeps signaling that no RAMs are installed.
  7. Yes, it beeped.
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