ATI 7850 horizontal line issue in Guild Wars 2


I've done some research on the horizontal line issue that's been plaguing users with my card, but I'm seeing something a little bit different. The lines are not very defined; however, in dark areas, I see them and they flicker in/out fast. I'm curious if this is a gpu issue/driver issue or something completely different.

I have a AMD Phenom 955 II X4
16 gb ram
650 W power supply
ATI AMD 7850 2gb Sapphire

Thanks for your help
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  1. I ended up solving this myself.


    Any game that required high graphics had horizontal lines that were running down the screen almost creating a wave like effect. It was not limited to only gw2 as I stated earlier


    DVI port! Connecting to the gpu through just DVI instead of the VGA to DVI adapter, the lines disappeared. I hope if anyone else has a similar issue that they trying plugging in the monitor through the DVI port.
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